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155mm Square Jade Green Envelopes (100gsm)

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Introducing the Serene Charm of 155mm Square Jade Green Envelopes (100gsm): Designed for those who seek to infuse their correspondence with a touch of nature’s tranquillity and a flair of modern elegance. Crafted from premium 100gsm paper, these envelopes provide durability alongside a smooth, pleasant tactile experience. The jade green hue, reminiscent of soft mint, envelops each piece of mail in a calming and sophisticated presence, perfect for occasions requiring a memorable and stylish touch. Featuring a secure gummed seal, these envelopes ensure your contents are safely enclosed, offering peace of mind for both sender and recipient. The 155mm square size offers a contemporary and spacious canvas for your invitations, announcements, or personal messages, making them an ideal choice for any event desiring a unique and elegant statement.

Key Features:

  • Calming Jade Green Colour: The soft mint-inspired jade green shade brings a refreshing and soothing aesthetic to your stationery, enhancing your correspondence with understated elegance.
  • High-Quality 100gsm Paper: Utilising 100gsm paper, these envelopes strike the perfect balance between strength and a pleasing tactile sensation, ensuring your messages are both protected and presented with finesse.
  • Contemporary Square Format: The 155mm square dimensions provide a modern and stylish option for enclosing your stationery, offering a distinctive choice for special occasions.
  • Secure Gummed Seal: Equipped with a gummed seal, these envelopes guarantee that your valuable messages are securely contained, safeguarding their integrity from dispatch to delivery.
  • Versatile for Various Occasions: Whether it’s for a wedding, a professional event, or a heartfelt note, the unique colour and design of these envelopes make them suitable for a wide range of purposes.

Opt for the 155mm Square Jade Green Envelopes (100gsm) to convey your messages with a blend of refreshing colour and sophisticated design. Their captivating hue, superior paper quality, and generous square sizing make them an exceptional selection for anyone looking to communicate with grace, style, and a touch of natural tranquillity.

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Size (mm)

155 x 155

Size (cm)

15.5 x 15.5

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Apple Mint, Green

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155mm SQ




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