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Yellow Greetings Card Envelopes

Embrace the luminous charm of yellow envelopes, a radiant choice that instantly brings to mind sunshine, daffodils, and moments of sheer joy. In the spectrum of colours, yellow stands as an emblem of positivity, clarity, and freshness. As such, yellow envelopes serve as the ideal casing for greetings cards intended to spread cheer, warmth, and heartfelt sentiments. With each opening, these envelopes are like a burst of sunlight, infusing joy into every message they carry.

The Lustrous Allure of Yellow Envelopes

Yellow, a hue so closely tied to happiness, optimism, and enlightenment, evokes feelings of a bright day, warm summers, and blossoming flowers. When you choose a yellow envelope, you’re not simply picking a colour; you’re opting for an emotional experience filled with warmth and enthusiasm. From festive greetings to tender notes or even formal letters, a yellow envelope adds a delightful touch, ensuring your message becomes a beacon of positivity.

Precision Sealing: Gummed Envelopes and Peel and Seal

Ensuring not just aesthetic appeal but also functionality, yellow envelopes come with two efficient sealing methods:

  • Gummed Envelopes: Echoing the age-old tradition, these envelopes come with a moisture-activated adhesive flap. A swift touch of dampness, and your messages are securely enveloped.
  • Peel and Seal Envelopes: Representing modern-day convenience, this method offers a quick and steadfast seal. Simply peel back the protective strip, press down, and voila, your sentiments are safely encased.

A Spectrum of Sizes: Tailored to Every Message

To address the diverse communication needs, our yellow envelopes are available in a range of sizes:

  • C6 Envelopes: Perfectly dimensioned (114mm x 162mm) for the majority of greetings cards, these envelopes encapsulate messages with elegance and care.
  • C5 Envelopes: Offering more space (162mm x 229mm) and ideal for A5 cards or neatly folded A4 papers, ensuring a pristine presentation.
  • DL Envelopes: Precision-crafted (110mm x 220mm) to suit regular business letters, they add a touch of vibrancy to every formal communication.
  • 125mm x 175mm Envelopes: Specifically fashioned for cards that require a comfortable yet ample space.
  • 130mm Square Envelopes: A contemporary choice, tailored for unique designs and distinctive invites.
  • 133mm x 184mm Envelopes: Suited for cards that exude grandeur or detailed designs, complementing each detail with the sunlit backdrop.
  • 155mm Square & 164mm Square Envelopes: A canvas for those seeking ample space for expansive notes, invites, or artistic designs.

Yellow envelopes are more than just stationery; they’re a mood enhancer. With every dispatch, you’re sending a slice of sunshine, ensuring that your communication, whether joyous, consoling, or professional, is received with a warmth that only yellow can deliver. With the blend of sealing options and the myriad of sizes available, there’s a yellow envelope finely tuned for every sentiment and occasion. Dive into the radiant world of yellow envelopes, and let your words shimmer with optimism and joy, encased in the sunlit embrace of our collection.