Envelope Size Guide

Envelope Size Guide

At The Envelope People, we understand that every detail matters when it comes to sharing heartfelt greetings and special moments. That’s why we’re delighted to present our comprehensive Envelope Size Guide – your go-to resource for finding the perfect envelope to complement your crafting creations.

C5 Envelopes


C5 Envelopes

Greeting Card Envelopes
162 x 229 mm
  • 16.2cm x 22.9cm
  • 6.37" x 9.01"
  • A4 Folded Once
  • Standard Flyer Size

Size: The C5 envelope typically measures around 162mm x 229mm (6.4″ x 9″). It’s slightly larger than a standard A5 sheet of paper.

Usage: C5 envelopes are commonly used for A5-sized greetings cards and invitations. These envelopes provide a bit of extra space around the card, allowing for a clean fit and easy insertion. A5-sized cards are popular for occasions where you want to include more text or design, making the C5 envelope an ideal choice for events like weddings, anniversaries, and formal parties. Additionally, C5 envelopes offer enough room for embellishments like ribbons or decorative elements.

Examples: Wedding invitations, milestone anniversary cards, event invitations, and other special occasions where a more substantial card is appropriate.

C6 Envelopes


C6 Envelopes

Greeting Card Envelopes
114 x 162 mm
  • 11.4cm x 16.2cm
  • 4.48" x 6.37"
  • A4 Folded Twice
  • Postcard Size

Size: The C6 envelope typically measures around 114mm x 162mm (4.5″ x 6.4″). It’s slightly larger than a standard A6 sheet of paper.

Usage: C6 envelopes are a popular choice for A6-sized greetings cards and invitations. These envelopes are versatile and well-suited for various occasions, ranging from casual to semi-formal. A6-sized cards are often used for personal greetings, thank-you notes, and smaller events. C6 envelopes offer a neat and snug fit for these cards, creating an inviting presentation.

Examples: Birthday cards, thank-you notes, baby shower invitations, and casual gatherings.

C7 Envelopes


C7 Envelopes

Greeting Card Envelopes
83 x 112 mm
  • 8.3cm x 11.3cm
  • 3.26" x 4.40"
  • A4 Folded Three Times
  • Credit Card Size

Size: The C7 envelope typically measures around 82mm x 114mm (3.2″ x 4.5″). It’s slightly larger than a standard A7 sheet of paper.

Usage: C7 envelopes are commonly used for A7-sized greetings cards, which are among the smaller card options. These envelopes are perfect for intimate occasions or when you want to convey a brief, heartfelt message. The smaller size makes C7 envelopes and cards ideal for attaching to gifts or slipping into pockets. They create a sense of intimacy and are often chosen for casual events or personal gestures.

Examples: Gift tags, mini greeting cards, thank-you cards for small favors, and personal notes.



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