130mm Square Envelopes

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130×130 Envelopes

Dive into a realm where size and style effortlessly blend together – presenting our illustrious range of 130mm square envelopes. In an age dominated by fleeting digital exchanges, the joy of receiving a tangible piece of correspondence, especially encased in a chic envelope, remains unparalleled. The 130mm square envelope, versatile and vogue, serves as a testament to this evergreen charm.

Discover the Sophisticated Range of 130mm Square Envelopes:

  • A Symphony of Colours – Our envelopes are more than just paper – they’re canvases painted with emotions. Choose from a vibrant spectrum: the passionate appeal of Crimson Red, the majestic allure of Empire Gold, the calming waves of Baby Blue, the warm embrace of Butterscotch. If you’re seeking a hint of uniqueness, the urban Gunpowder Grey, vivacious Orange, serene Sky Blue, or the deep mystique of Teal might be your match.
  • The Perfect Seal – We understand that the manner in which you seal your envelope often mirrors the sentiment inside. Whether you’re inclined towards the classic gummed seal, echoing the sentimentality of yesteryears, or the contemporary convenience of peel and seal, our collection caters to both with unmatched finesse.
  • Versatile for Every Occasion – The 130mm dimension renders these envelopes perfect for an array of events. Be it a heartfelt note, an exclusive invitation, or a business proposition – the square silhouette ensures your content stands out amidst the clutter.

Why Opt for the 130mm Square Envelopes?

  • Distinctive Design: Their square formation not only promises a refreshing deviation from the norm but also ensures that they capture immediate attention.
  • Unparalleled Quality: Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, each envelope pledges resilience, guaranteeing your message’s pristine condition throughout its journey.
  • Palette of Possibilities: With our comprehensive colour palette, you’re spoilt for choice! Tailor your envelope’s hue to the occasion, ensuring cohesion and thematic resonance.

Creative Uses of 130mm Square Envelopes:

  • Photograph Holder: Their size makes them ideal for enclosing cherished photographs, ensuring they remain protected and cherished.
  • Handmade Card Casing: If you’re into DIY crafts, these envelopes can serve as the perfect casing for your handmade greeting cards.
  • Sample Holder: For businesses, these can be used to send out samples, ensuring they reach in pristine condition.
  • Origami and Craft Projects: These envelopes are also popular among the crafting community for various projects, offering a solid base to work upon.

Choosing our 130mm square envelopes is not merely a decision; it’s an experience. It signifies a choice for quality, style, and a timeless form of communication. Whether you’re sending out personal notes or official correspondences, our envelopes ensure your message is encased in elegance.

So, step into the world of 130mm square envelopes – where every colour narrates a tale, every seal safeguards a sentiment, and every square inch exemplifies excellence. Your search for the perfect blend of style and substance ends here.