125mm x 175mm Envelopes

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125mm x 175mm Greeting Card Envelopes

This size of 125mm x 175mm is the perfect handy tool everyone needs. It originates from when British shopkeepers used to mail bills or letters. Fortunately, its adaptability has only grown. It’s just right for almost any greeting or invitation, catering to personal and professional needs, making it a go-to choice.

Whether it be an informal summer gathering invitation or a thank you note after a lovely dinner party. This envelope strikes a balance and blends in perfectly. It feels neither over-the-top fancy nor too informal but perfectly poised in between.

Each of the shades we offer evokes glimpses of the iconic British sights. Whether it be the striking red, reminiscent of the iconic London phone booths or the calm blues mirroring Loch Ness on a relaxing evening, our colour choices for these envelopes hold meaning to them.

With Britain’s craftsmanship globally recognised, these envelopes reflect our commitment to that perfection. Everything speaks of quality and standard, from the selection of paper to the adhesive used.

These envelopes testify to our dedication to building a greener future. We ensure that we only adopt practices that produce minimum waste and make the most efficient use of resources, helping to ensure our planet remains green and vibrant for future generations.

Choosing the 125mm x 175mm size isn’t just a preference but a statement. It perfectly blends the old with the new, ensuring your invitations or greetings stand out, with the decoration of tradition and modern relevance, through our envelope.

If you are looking for a slightly bigger envelope, to compliment your greetings cards, we also have a fantastic range of 133mm x 184mm Envelopes. This range contains many different colours and textures for your crafting creations.