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Peel & Seal Wallet Envelopes

Discover our exclusive range of wallet envelopes, meticulously crafted to meet all your mailing needs. Whether it’s for a formal invitation, a special announcement, or everyday business correspondence, our wallet envelopes stand tall to every occasion, personifying elegance and durability.

Every piece in our collection is sourced from reputed UK suppliers, thereby staunchly supporting the British craft industry. Our commitment to sustaining local crafts and businesses echoes in the quality and finish of our wallet envelopes, helping you make a choice that is not just premium, but also patriotic.

Quality You Can Feel

Each of our wallet envelopes is constructed from high-quality 120gsm paper, giving it a robust and durable nature that safeguards your important documents and tokens while conveying a sense of quality and sophistication to the recipient. Feel the remarkable thickness and texture that only 120gsm paper can deliver, ensuring your mailings always leave a lasting impression.

A Spectrum of Choices

Our range encompasses a variety of hues, offering you both white and coloured envelopes to match the mood and purpose of your correspondences. Choose from a palette that guarantees to amplify the aesthetic of your invitations or messages, adding a personal touch that is both vibrant and refreshing.

Seal with Ease

Make sealing an effortless affair with the convenient peel and seal flap of our wallet envelopes. Done with precision, this feature ensures your contents remain secure while providing a seamless sealing experience that is both quick and clean. Say goodbye to the mess of wet seals and embrace the neat elegance that our wallet envelopes bring to your mailing endeavours.

Supporting British Craftsmanship

By choosing our wallet envelopes, you are not just buying a product, but supporting a legacy of British craftsmanship. We are proud to facilitate a platform that bridges you with UK suppliers, upholding a tradition of quality, trust, and sustainability.

Dive into our wallet envelopes category to find the perfect envelope that meets your needs while echoing a commitment to quality and the support of British craftsmanship. Shop now to experience the blend of quality, variety, and convenience, all under one roof.