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Mink Greetings Card Envelopes

The world of stationery presents a delightful palette, and mink envelopes are its crowning jewels. Epitomising luxury, grace, and unparalleled sophistication, mink envelopes have become a sought-after choice for conveying messages that matter. Perfect for greetings cards and special communications, these envelopes weave an element of intrigue around your card even before it’s opened.

Why Opt for Mink Envelopes for Greeting Cards?

The mink hue is a shade that strikes a delicate balance between opulence and understated elegance. When you choose a mink envelope, you’re not just sending a card but making a statement. This versatile shade complements a plethora of card designs, whether they’re vibrant, monochromatic, or anything in between, adding a touch of luxury to the entire ensemble.

Seal Your Sentiments: Gummed or Peel and Seal Options

Every card you send out carries a part of your soul, and mink envelopes ensure they’re wrapped and sealed with the same care and affection.

Gummed Envelopes: The traditional charm of gummed envelopes never goes out of style. A timeless choice, moistening the flap to activate the adhesive and sealing your message inside offers a personal touch, reminiscent of old-world correspondence.

Peel and Seal Envelopes: When convenience is paramount, the peel and seal envelopes come to the rescue. The pre-glued adhesive strip ensures a quick and secure seal, perfect for those times when you’re sending out bulk greetings or are pressed for time.

A Size for Every Message

Mink envelopes come in a diverse range of sizes, ensuring there’s one that’s just right for your greeting card:

  • C6 Envelopes: These fit the bill for most standard greetings cards. With dimensions of 114mm x 162mm, they’re perfect for a half-folded A4 sheet or any standard-sized card.
  • 133mm x 184mm Envelopes: This size adds a touch of roominess for those special cards with embellishments or for when you want to include additional elements like photographs.
  • 130mm Square Envelopes: A popular choice for modern card designs, this size offers a contemporary appeal and stands out amidst the typical envelope sizes.
  • 125mm x 175mm Envelopes: A unique size that’s ideal for bespoke cards or those custom designs that don’t conform to standard measurements.
  • 155mm Square & 164mm Square Envelopes: These larger square sizes cater to grand invitations, substantial greetings, or cards that require a more spacious enclosure.

In the rich tapestry of envelopes available today, mink envelopes hold a place of prestige. Their lush hue, combined with the varied sealing options of gummed and peel and seal, ensures your message is delivered with grace, style, and security. With the variety of sizes available, from the standard C6 to the expansive 164mm square, there’s a mink envelope for every greeting, every sentiment, and every occasion. Embrace the elegance of mink and let your greetings make an indelible impression.