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When it comes to sending items through the post, whether it’s a delicate piece of jewellery, an irreplaceable CD, or critical paperwork, securing them against the rigorous journey is paramount. Enter the world of Padded Envelopes, the reliable and chic solution to all your mailing concerns.

Gone are the days when Padded Envelopes were just dull, brown cushioned packets. Our range brings to the table not only the trusted protection that Padded Envelopes are renowned for but also a splash of style, vibrancy, and flair. Now, not only will your items be protected, but they’ll also travel in style.

An Array of Choices for Every Purpose

From shimmering emerald greens to bold party pinks, our collection of Padded Envelopes is sure to leave an impression even before your recipient opens it. Let’s delve into a handful of the colours and sizes we offer:

  1. 165mm x 165mm Metallic Gloss Padded Envelopes CD – Emerald Green: Ideal for those CD deliveries, this envelope combines the assurance of protection with a dazzling emerald gloss that’s sure to make your delivery stand out.
  2. 165mm x 165mm Metallic Gloss Padded Envelopes CD – Party Pink: Add a touch of fun with this radiant party pink shade. Perfect for CDs or other square items, it ensures your mailings are both safe and stylish.
  3. 250mm x 180mm Metallic Gloss Padded Envelopes C5 Plus – Festive Red: This envelope exudes festivity. Its vivid red shade combined with the trusted padding inside makes it an ideal choice for sending out those special gifts or documents.
  4. 250mm x 180mm Metallic Gloss Padded Envelopes C5 Plus – Sterling Silver: Elegance personified, this sterling silver envelope not only ensures protection but also adds a touch of sophistication to your mailings.
  5. 250mm x 180mm Metallic Matt Padded Envelopes C5 Plus – Graphite Grey: For those who prefer a subtler, matte finish, this graphite grey envelope provides the perfect balance between style and functionality.
  6. 250mm x 180mm Metallic Matt Padded Envelopes C5 Plus – Pumpkin Orange: Perfect for the autumn months or simply when you wish to add a pop of colour, this pumpkin orange envelope is a fantastic choice.
  7. 450mm x 324mm Metallic Gloss Padded Envelopes C3 – Oil Black: For the larger items, this oil black envelope provides ample space, ensuring your items are safely nestled within its protective layers.

Why Opt for Padded Envelopes?

The need to guarantee that our valuables reach their destination unscathed has never been more significant. Padded Envelopes cater to this very need. The cushioned interior absorbs shocks, mitigates pressure, and safeguards against any potential damage. So, whether your package gets squashed, squeezed, or dropped, what lies inside remains untouched and intact.

But protection isn’t the only thing on offer. With our stunning range of colours and finishes, you can now send items that reflect your personality, your brand’s image, or simply the occasion. Be it birthdays, anniversaries, or professional consignments, there’s a Padded Envelope in our collection to resonate with every mood and purpose.

What we think about Padded Envelopes

Selecting the right packaging is a testament to how much you value the item and the recipient. With Padded Envelopes, you’re not just choosing protection; you’re opting for a statement, a style, and an assurance.

So, the next time you have something valuable to send, remember there’s a vibrant, stylish, and reliable Padded Envelope waiting to make your delivery memorable. Dive into our range, select your shade, and let every parcel you send be an unforgettable experience for the receiver.

Come, redefine your mailing experience with our splendid array of Padded Envelopes and let every package you send be an embodiment of care, style, and excellence.