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Board Backed Envelopes

If you’ve ever been in a situation where you need to mail important documents, photographs, or certificates, you’ll understand the paramount importance of ensuring that they reach their destination in impeccable condition. This is where Board Back Envelopes come into play, offering a unique blend of durability and elegance. They’re not just your regular envelopes; they’re a statement of care and professionalism.

Our collection of Board Back Envelopes promises not only strength but also sophistication. With a sturdy cardboard backing, these envelopes guarantee that your vital documents remain flat, free from bends, creases, or any damage. So, whether it’s an artistic photograph, a crucial business document, or an essential certificate, placing them in a Board Back Envelope ensures they arrive as pristine as when they left.

Variety to Suit Every Need

Our extensive range includes various sizes to cater to all your needs:

  1. 162mm x 114mm (C6) Manilla Board Back Envelopes – PDNB: A perfect pick for those smaller documents or photographs, these manilla coloured envelopes strike a balance between durability and style.
  2. 229mm x 162mm (C5) White Board Back Envelopes: These white envelopes offer a cleaner, more professional look. Ideal for businesses and formal occasions, they communicate seriousness and attention to detail.
  3. 229mm x 162mm (C5) White Window Board Back Envelopes: Enjoy all the benefits of the C5 White Board Back Envelope with the added convenience of a window. No need to print or write addresses, just align your document correctly, and you’re good to go.
  4. 324mm x 229mm (C4) Manilla Board Back Envelopes – PDNB: For those larger documents, this manilla variant ensures they stay pristine, even during the toughest of mail handling.
  5. 324mm x 229mm (C4) White Board Back Envelopes: A larger size enveloped in a crisp white hue, it’s perfect for making a big statement in a professional manner.

Why Choose Board Back Envelopes?

In today’s digital age, receiving a physical letter or document carries a certain weight of significance. And if you’re going to the effort of sending something tangible, why not ensure it gets there in the best possible condition? Board Back Envelopes signal to the recipient that what’s inside matters. They speak of your attention to detail, your care, and your professionalism.

Not to mention, the robust construction of these envelopes ensures that your documents remain undamaged, even if they face the roughest treatment during transit. Whether it’s rain, careless handling, or any other potential hazard, these envelopes stand tall against them all.

Furthermore, our range is incredibly user-friendly. The self-seal closure ensures a tight and secure seal, offering peace of mind that your contents remain safe and intact. Plus, the varied sizes and styles mean that there’s a Board Back Envelope for every occasion and requirement.

What we think about Board Back Envelopes

When you invest in Board Back Envelopes, you’re not merely buying an envelope. You’re buying peace of mind, a touch of professionalism, and a promise that your documents reach their destination in the best possible condition.

In our selection, we’ve ensured that there’s a fit for every need. Whether it’s the rich manilla shade or the crisp, clean white, each Board Back Envelope serves its unique purpose, ensuring that your mailings are always a class apart.

So, the next time you’re reaching out for a standard envelope, think again. Choose Board Back Envelopes and let every document you send out speak volumes about your commitment to quality, care, and excellence.

Join the thousands who’ve made the switch, and experience the difference for yourself. Your recipients will surely notice and appreciate the difference.