164mm Square Envelopes

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164×164 Envelopes

Envelope dimensions have long been an essential facet in the realm of written correspondence. Among the diverse sizes that have graced the world of stationary, the 164mm square envelope emerges as a frontrunner in terms of elegance and utility. Presenting our curated collection of 164mm square envelopes, where pristine paper quality meets an unmatched spectrum of hues.

An Insight into 164mm Square Envelopes:

  • A Cascade of Colours – Every colour tells a story, and our range of 164mm square envelopes boasts a narrative like no other. Choose from the fiery passion of Crimson Red, the regal charm of Empire Gold, the tranquil whispers of Baby Blue, or the comforting embrace of Butterscotch. For those looking for an edge, our urban Gunpowder Grey, vivacious Orange, crisp Sky Blue, and deep Teal envelopes are the go-to choice.
  • Seal it with Love or Ease – The soul of an envelope lies in its seal. Whether you’re a connoisseur of the traditional gummed seal, appreciating its age-old charm, or a fan of modern efficiency, preferring the quickness of the peel and seal, we’ve got you covered.
  • Suitable for Every Setting – The 164mm size, with its spacious square silhouette, lends itself seamlessly to a multitude of purposes. From wedding invitations to corporate brochures, the dimension ensures your content not only fits perfectly but also commands attention.

Why Choose Our 164mm Square Envelopes?

  • Standout Silhouette: The square design promises more than mere space; it’s a statement of style and panache. It’s a guarantee that your correspondence will stand out amidst the usual pile.
  • Craftsmanship Par Excellence: Each envelope is a testament to impeccable craftsmanship, ensuring durability and a premium feel, encapsulating your letters in sheer luxury.
  • A Hue for Every Mood: With an exhaustive palette at your disposal, our collection empowers you to match your envelope’s shade to the occasion’s vibe, ensuring harmony and impact.

Innovative Uses of 164mm Square Envelopes:

  • Artwork Holders: The generous size is perfect for budding artists wishing to share their square canvas creations with the world.
  • DIY Card Enclosures: For those passionate about crafts, these envelopes are the ideal companion for your handcrafted greeting cards or announcements.
  • Document Protectors: Their size and sturdy build make them apt for safeguarding important documents or certificates.
  • Thematic Invitations: Hosting a thematic event? Choose a colour that resonates with your theme and amplify the anticipation for your event.

When you opt for our 164mm square envelopes, you aren’t just choosing an envelope; you’re selecting an experience. Each hue and seal option has been curated with the utmost precision, ensuring that your message, be it personal or professional, is wrapped in unmatched elegance.

Dive into the universe of 164mm square envelopes, where each piece is a harmony of colour, quality, and commitment. Whether you’re sending out personal notes, formal invitations, or business correspondences, trust our envelopes to be the carriers of not just your message, but also your impeccable taste.