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Peel & Seal C6 Wallet Envelopes

Welcome to our premier selection of C6 Wallet Envelopes, a range that epitomizes quality and supports the rich heritage of the British craft industry. Our carefully curated collection stands tall, meeting all the standards of quality and aesthetics, thus promising to add a touch of elegance to every correspondence.

Premium 120gsm Paper

Every envelope in this collection is crafted from superior 120gsm paper, promising a tactile experience of luxury and durability. The high-quality paper not only safeguards your important communications but adds a premium touch to your correspondences, reflecting a commitment to quality in every fibre.

A Palette of Choices

Adding a personal touch to your mailings has never been easier with our range of white and coloured envelopes. Choose from a vibrant palette to match the essence of your message, be it corporate communications or heartfelt personal letters. Our C6 Wallet Envelopes provide the perfect canvas to paint your narratives vividly and memorably.

Easy and Secure Sealing

Experience the ease of use and enhanced security with our peel and seal flap feature. Designed for a hassle-free and secure sealing experience, it promises to keep your contents safe while offering a neat and professional appearance, embodying functionality with elegance.

Championing British Craftsmanship

By choosing our C6 Wallet Envelopes, you are not only choosing quality but also supporting the British craft industry. We are dedicated to promoting local craftsmanship, sourcing all our products from trusted UK suppliers, ensuring you get a product that is truly homegrown, and stands testament to the superior British artisanship.

Explore our category of C6 Wallet Envelopes, where quality meets conscience. Shop now to be a part of a tradition that promotes superior quality while supporting the rich legacy of the British craft industry.