133mm x 184mm Envelopes

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5 x 7 Envelopes

These envelopes, with precise measurements of 133mm x 184mm, carry a nostalgic touch, reminding of the old traditional British practices. Before instant messaging, people, especially prominent British families, would write letters to send greetings across. Also, this size of 133mm x 184mm was just right to make the letter feel big enough yet equally intimate.

Furthermore, our 133mm x 184mm envelopes fit perfectly into various situations. Imagine a cold winter evening where you’ve got a long letter or a greeting invitation to send. This envelope will be your ideal choice, as it has all the space you’d need. Its 133mm x 184mm dimensions make your content feel just right. Not too cramped nor too sparse. They fit in for any moment you want to make special.

Our range of colours is specifically chosen, considering the scenic locations across Britain. Every hue tells a story, from the lush green meadows of Scotland to the rustic brown of the Cotswolds. Hence, why sending a greeting card in these envelopes is no less than sharing a piece of British landscape with the recipient.

The craft of papermaking has its roots deep in British history. Staying true to that tradition, each envelope we have is finely made. For us, quality isn’t an afterthought. Rather it’s an old tradition that we embody with utmost pride.

Environment preservation isn’t a modern-day trend. Historical British paper-makers often sustainably sourced materials. Following in those footsteps, we ensure that our envelopes are produced with minimal ecological impact.

It’s just not about the paper. Our 133mm x 184mm size represents more than just an envelope, instead a fragment of history as well. Hence, why, by choosing it, you’re helping to revive and rekindle an old tradition and making it relevant today.

If you are looking for a slightly smaller envelope, to compliment your greetings cards, we also have a fantastic range of 125mm x 175mm Envelopes. This range contains many different colours and textures for your crafting creations.