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A touch of shimmer, a dash of luxury, and a world of sophistication – that’s what you step into with pearlescent envelopes. If you’ve ever wanted your greetings cards to make a statement before they’re even opened, then these envelopes are your ultimate accomplice. Crafted meticulously for those who seek a touch of opulence in their communication, pearlescent envelopes shine subtly, yet powerfully.

Why Pearlescent Envelopes?

  • A Touch of Elegance: The unique shimmering finish of pearlescent envelopes immediately sets them apart from regular envelopes. They beckon a second look, a touch, a sense of wonder – making your message all the more memorable.
  • Versatile for Various Occasions: Whether you’re dispatching wedding invitations, sending out festive greetings, or conveying heartfelt thanks, these envelopes provide the added flair that amplifies the sentiment of the occasion.
  • Sealing the Sentiment: Understanding varied preferences, our pearlescent envelopes come with two sealing options. The classic gummed envelopes for those who prefer tradition, and the modern peel and seal for those seeking swift closure without the fuss.

Choosing the Perfect Size

A greetings card can be a myriad of shapes and sizes, and we believe its envelope should be the perfect fit. Here’s a guide to our range of pearlescent envelopes, designed to cater to every need:

  • C6 Pearlescent Envelopes: Tailored for the classic C6 size (114mm x 162mm), they offer a snug fit, ensuring your card is secure and presented beautifully.
  • C5 Pearlescent Envelopes: A larger canvas for your profound messages, the C5 envelopes (162mm x 229mm) ensure your bigger cards get the grandeur they deserve.
  • DL Pearlescent Envelopes: Perfect for the elongated DL cards, these envelopes (110mm x 220mm) offer a sleek and sophisticated wrap.
  • 125mm x 175mm Pearlescent Envelopes: Crafted for those who prefer a non-standard dimension, ensuring every unique card gets its spotlight.
  • 130mm Square & 155mm Square Pearlescent Envelopes: Square cards resonate with contemporary charm. These envelopes ensure your modern designs are well-guarded and perfectly showcased.
  • 133mm x 184mm & 164mm Square Pearlescent Envelopes: Offering a bit more room for those intricate designs and messages, these sizes ensure nothing is compromised.

The Pearlescent Promise

Beyond the sizes and the shimmer, what truly sets pearlescent envelopes apart is the promise of quality. Every envelope is crafted with precision, ensuring that the shimmer is consistent, the texture is smooth, and the feel is luxurious. Furthermore, with choices between gummed and peel and seal closures, functionality is paired seamlessly with aesthetics.

In Summary

Pearlescent envelopes are more than just carriers for your greetings cards; they’re a statement. A statement of elegance, sophistication, and attention to detail. They signify that what lies inside isn’t just a message, but a piece of one’s heart, framed in shimmering beauty. If you seek to elevate the unboxing experience of your greetings, to make the moment the envelope is in hand as special as the message inside, then pearlescent envelopes are the choice for you. Dive into a world of gleaming elegance, where every sentiment is wrapped in luxury. Choose pearlescent envelopes.