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Bubblegum Greetings Card Envelopes

Step into the vibrant world of stationery with bubblegum envelopes — a delightful burst of colour that promises to brighten any recipient’s day. As the name suggests, these envelopes exude a playful charm reminiscent of childhood delights. Ideal for greetings cards and special messages, bubblegum envelopes ensure that your sentiments are not only received but celebrated with a smile.

Why Opt for Bubblegum Envelopes?

Bubblegum envelopes encapsulate the essence of joy, whimsy, and nostalgia. Their vivacious hue instantly stands out, making them a delightful choice for birthdays, celebrations, or any occasion that demands a touch of fun. While their colour pops, it doesn’t overshadow the message inside, ensuring your greeting card shines through with its intended emotion.

This lively shade effortlessly complements various card designs, from vibrant illustrations to minimalist motifs, making bubblegum envelopes a versatile addition to your stationery collection.

Classic Gummed Closure for Your Bubblegum Envelopes

In keeping with tradition, bubblegum envelopes come equipped with a tried-and-tested gummed closure. This means sealing your envelope involves the age-old method of moistening the adhesive flap, thereby ensuring your sentiments are securely and neatly contained within.

Bubblegum Envelopes: A Size for Every Greeting

Understanding the diversity of messages and sentiments, bubblegum envelopes are thoughtfully crafted in a variety of sizes:

  • C6 Envelopes: A staple size (114mm x 162mm) that’s perfectly tailored for most standard greetings cards. A C6 bubblegum envelope promises to be both charming and practical.
  • 125mm x 175mm Envelopes: Created for those unique cards that require a touch more room, this size strikes a balance between snug fit and spaciousness.
  • 130mm Square Envelopes: A trendy choice for modern card designs, these square envelopes exude contemporary appeal and are just right for cards that step away from traditional dimensions.
  • 133mm x 184mm Envelopes: This size offers an extra bit of space, making it suitable for cards adorned with embellishments or those accompanied by additional tokens.
  • 155mm Square & 164mm Square Envelopes: These larger square options cater to significant messages, opulent invitations, or any greeting that demands a grand envelope to match its stature.

Bubblegum envelopes are a celebration of joy, nostalgia, and playful charm. Their vivacious colour palette ensures that your greetings are presented with flair and fun. Equipped with the reliable gummed closure, your messages are not only safely sealed but also enveloped in a hue that evokes smiles and memories. Whether it’s the traditional C6, the modern 130mm square, or the spacious 164mm square, there’s a bubblegum envelope ready to elevate your greeting. Embrace the vibrant world of bubblegum envelopes and ensure every sentiment you send is wrapped in playful elegance.