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Orange Greetings Card Envelopes

Step into a realm where zest meets finesse, with the lively hue of orange envelopes. In the myriad of colours, orange stands out as a beacon of energy, warmth, and vivacity. Perfectly encapsulating this fervour, orange envelopes are a top choice for greetings cards that aim to make an instant impact. Whether it’s a joyous occasion, a celebratory note, or simply a message bursting with positivity, orange envelopes guarantee that your sentiments will be received with unmatched enthusiasm.

The Radiant Appeal of Orange Envelopes

Orange, as a colour, has always been associated with the spirit of joy, creativity, and enthusiasm. It captures the essence of sunsets, autumn leaves, and ripe orchards. With an orange envelope, you’re not merely selecting a colour; you’re choosing an emotion that’s both exuberant and inviting. Whether you’re dispatching celebratory greetings, warm wishes, or even professional notes, an orange envelope adds that touch of vivacity ensuring your message is unforgettable.

Sealed with Precision: Gummed Envelopes and Peel and Seal

Beyond their radiant appeal, orange envelopes promise functionality and security:

  • Gummed Envelopes: Offering a touch of the traditional, the adhesive on these envelopes is activated with a dab of moisture, ensuring your message remains confidential and intact.
  • Peel and Seal Envelopes: Epitomising modern efficiency, this option promises a swift and sturdy seal. Just peel the protective layer, press, and your sentiments are locked in securely.

A Size for Every Sentiment: Diverse Dimensions

To cater to the multifaceted needs of communication, our range of orange envelopes spans various sizes:

  • C6 Envelopes: With their classic dimensions (114mm x 162mm), they are the go-to choice for most standard greetings cards, perfectly housing your heartfelt messages.
  • C5 Envelopes: With ample space (162mm x 229mm), these are tailored for A5 cards or neatly folded A4 materials, providing a flawless presentation.
  • DL Envelopes: Crafted to perfection (110mm x 220mm) for standard business correspondences, adding a vibrant touch to formal messages.
  • 125mm x 175mm Envelopes: Designed for greetings cards that need just a bit more room, ensuring a snug fit every time.
  • 130mm Square Envelopes: Offering a contemporary edge, ideal for distinctive card designs and invitations.
  • 133mm x 184mm Envelopes: Catering to elaborate designs or those cards with a touch of grandeur, the backdrop of orange makes every detail pop.
  • 155mm Square & 164mm Square Envelopes: The ultimate canvas for expansive cards or invites, ensuring your messages are grand in both content and presentation.

Orange envelopes are not just a choice; they’re a statement. A statement that your message, be it of love, gratitude, celebration, or professionalism, is sent with vitality and warmth. With the blend of both gummed and peel and seal options, along with the diverse size range, there’s an orange envelope tailored for every occasion. Dive into the world of orange envelopes, and let your communications shine with the brilliance, warmth, and enthusiasm this shade promises. Celebrate each sentiment with zest, wrapped in the lively embrace of our orange envelopes.