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Squared Envelopes

In the diverse universe of envelopes, there’s something undeniably refined about the symmetry of square envelopes. Their even dimensions bring forth a sense of balance, making them an elegant choice for many. Whether it’s an invitation, a note, or an announcement, these envelopes promise to elevate the contents within, making them memorable. We proudly present our comprehensive collection of square envelopes, tailored to suit every style and occasion.

Unmatched Variety in Square Envelopes:

  • Sizing that Speaks Volumes: Square envelopes come with their unique charm, accentuated further by their varied sizes. Whether you’re leaning towards the compact 130mm square, the medium-sized options like the 155mm square, 160mm square, and 164mm square, or the grandiose 220mm square, there’s an envelope to match every sentiment.
  • A Palette of Perfection: Dive into a vibrant spectrum of colours, each meticulously chosen to reflect myriad moods. From the passionate Crimson Red and regal Empire Gold to the calming Baby Blue and neutral Gunpowder Grey; every hue is an emotion waiting to be conveyed. Not to forget, our alluring Butterscotch, vivacious Orange, serene Sky Blue, and captivating Teal variants add more to the mix.
  • Adaptable Across Occasions: Square envelopes are the go-to choice for several events. Whether it’s an intimate wedding invite, a landmark birthday card, an official communiqué, or even a personal letter, the square format stands out, ensuring your message gets the attention it deserves.

Features That Make Our Square Envelopes a Class Apart:

  • Superior Quality Material: Crafted from the finest materials, our square envelopes promise durability with a touch of luxury.
  • Seal the Deal: Depending on your preference, opt for the traditional gummed envelopes or the contemporary peel and seal for a quicker, secure closure.
  • Adaptable Aesthetics: Their clean lines and symmetrical shape make square envelopes perfect for both contemporary and classic themes.

Unconventional Uses of Square Envelopes:

  • Photo Holders: Safeguard your cherished memories or share them with loved ones.
  • Crafting Projects: For DIY enthusiasts, these are great for scrapbooking, creating personalised cards, or any craft project that demands an edge of sophistication.
  • Business Brochures: Stand out by presenting your company brochures or catalogues in these distinctive envelopes.
  • Special Announcements: Let your exciting news be enveloped in style before it reaches your loved ones.

Square envelopes aren’t just about holding contents; they’re about making a statement. They say you care about presentation as much as the message inside. In a world that’s round in so many ways, it’s the square that often draws attention. With our vast collection, you don’t just send out an envelope; you send out a piece of your individuality. Explore our range of square envelopes and embrace the essence of chic, symmetrical style, guaranteeing that every message you send out leaves a lasting impression.