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Peel & Seal DL Wallet Envelopes

Explore our premium collection of DL Wallet Envelopes, a hallmark of quality and craftsmanship that adds a touch of class to every correspondence. Each envelope in this range champions the British craft industry, providing you not just with an envelope, but a piece of art steeped in heritage and precision.

Precise Dimensions for Your Needs

Our DL Wallet Envelopes come in the precise dimensions of 110mm x 220mm up to 114mm x 229mm, making them the perfect choice for formal invitations, business correspondences, and personal letters. These meticulously crafted envelopes are designed to house your contents perfectly, promising a snug and secure fit for your important documents.

A Canvas of Colour Choices

Choose from a vibrant array of white and coloured envelopes to make your communications more lively and personalized. Our DL range serves as a canvas for your creative expressions, be it a warm invitation or a formal business letter.

Superior Quality Material

Experience the supreme quality of 120gsm paper that each of our DL Wallet Envelopes is crafted from. This choice of material not only guarantees durability but also offers a premium feel to the touch, elevating the overall experience of your recipients.

Seal with Simplicity and Security

Our DL Wallet Envelopes come with an easy-to-use peel and seal flap, ensuring a seamless and secure closure each time. This feature is designed to offer convenience while maintaining a high level of security for your documents, providing you with peace of mind with every seal.

A Testament to British Craftsmanship

In every DL Wallet Envelope you purchase, you support the enduring British craft industry. Our commitment to sustaining this rich legacy is reflected in our partnership with UK suppliers, guaranteeing not just quality but a product steeped in British heritage.

Discover the DL Wallet Envelopes collection, where every envelope tells a story of premium quality, unmatched convenience, and a deep-rooted commitment to supporting the UK craft industry. Browse through our range to find the perfect envelope that not just meets, but exceeds your mailing needs, all while standing as a testimony to quality British craftsmanship.