C6 Envelopes


C6 Greeting Card Envelopes

When it comes to elegant correspondence and a penchant for perfection, one cannot overlook the significance of a superior envelope. In our vast array of stationery, the C6 envelopes have consistently emerged as the reigning champion, admired for their impeccable size and unmatched versatility. Here, we delve into the distinctive charm of our C6 envelopes and why they stand tall amidst a sea of alternatives.

An Introduction to C6 Envelopes:

  • A Symphony of Colours – Our palette for the C6 envelopes is nothing short of a visual delight. Starting with the classic White, which serves as the canvas for your every sentiment, to the refreshing Apple Mint that brings forth visions of a serene orchard. Dive deeper and the vibrant Burnt Orange awaits, alongside the ever-cheerful Banana Yellow and the depths of Caribbean Blue. And for those who revel in stark contrasts, we present the intensity of Jet Black, the regality of Oxford Blue, and the vivacious spirit of both Pillar Box Red and Orange.
  • Sealing Your Sentiments – Every note you pen carries with it a piece of your heart. And we understand the need to seal those emotions securely. Choose between our traditional gummed closure or the swift efficiency of the peel and seal method. Either way, rest assured that your messages are cocooned with care.
  • Weight Matters – The texture, the weight, the feel of an envelope speaks volumes before it’s even opened. With our C6 envelopes, experience the luxury of choice. From the standard 90gsm that promises quality with every touch, scaling up to the premium 120gsm, where sturdiness meets sophistication.

Why Our C6 Envelopes Are a Favourite:

  • Perfect Proportions: A preferred choice for both personal and professional correspondence, the C6 envelopes perfectly encapsulate postcards, invitation cards, and A6 documents folded once or A4 documents folded into quarters.
  • Variety in Vibrancy: Our expansive colour range ensures there’s a hue for every mood, theme, or occasion.
  • Grade of Greatness: With multiple grammages available, pick the weight that complements the importance of your message.

Crafting with C6 Envelopes:

  • Invitations: Whether it’s a garden soirée or a corporate event, the C6 envelopes lend an air of elegance to your invites.
  • Greeting Cards: Birthdays, anniversaries, festive wishes – slide in your cards and seal the sentiments.
  • Business Brochures: For succinct brochures or promotional content, the C6 offers a professional touch.
  • Personal Letters: In an era of digital communication, a handwritten note in a C6 envelope is a breath of fresh nostalgia.

The C6 envelopes aren’t just about holding paper; they’re about holding emotions, memories, and significant messages. As our most sought-after size, they harmoniously blend function with finesse. From their unparalleled size to the spectrum of colours and the choice in paper weight, every aspect of our C6 envelopes is a testament to our commitment to quality.

Whether you’re an individual looking to elevate your personal correspondence, or a business aiming for that refined touch, our C6 envelopes are your passport to perfection. Experience the pinnacle of paper craftsmanship and let every letter you send out become an ambassador of elegance.