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Throughout the years, C6 envelopes have been a firm favourite for greeting card manufacturers, wedding stationers, and hobbyists alike. Due to their popularity, there are a huge number of colour, texture, style, and weight options available.
C6 envelopes measure 114mm x 162mm. A6 greeting cards, or card blanks, are perfect in size for C6 envelopes. A6 size is A4 folded in half and then half again. They are similar in size to standard postcards.

The C in the name C6 originates from the ISO 216 standard. This was established in 1975, and soon standardised paper sizing throughout the world. When trying to match a paper or card size to an envelope, always think of envelopes as C and paper or card as A. So, if you had an A6 card blank, then you would need a C6 envelope. If you had an A5 card blank, then you would need a C5 envelope.

Common Uses of C6 Envelopes

C6 envelopes have many uses and are used in a whole array of applications. Most greeting card sizes go through phases, and popularity changes throughout the years. However, C6 envelopes have always been a popular size and have stood the test of time.

Today, personal letters, greeting cards, and invitations are among the most common uses. Sized at 114mm x 162mm, they offer a compact, cost-effective solution for mailing many different creative creations. Thank you notes are also a common use for this size.

Businesses wouldn’t use C6 envelopes to send out their documents. The size is too small to fit an A4 document in without folding it twice. Business correspondence is usually more suited to a DL, or C4 sized envelope.

Environmentally friendly C6 envelopes

In this ever-changing world, with more and more people choosing environmentally friendly products, recycled C6 envelopes have seen a huge jump in popularity. Not only do they give a nod to sustainability, but the rustic charm of a recycled product is being chosen time and time again.

The paper that is used to make recycled envelopes is predominantly made from two types of paper sources. You have post-consumer waste and pre-consumer waste. Post-consumer waste refers to paper products that have already been used and discarded by consumers. Pre-consumer waste includes trimmings from paper manufacturing and from the envelope conversion process.

Coloured C6 envelopes

As mentioned above, because of the popularity of C6 envelopes, the colour options available are vast. In fact, you have the most colour choice out of any of the ranges of envelopes. Colours are very seasonal, and favourites can change from month to month.

In the summertime, you will find the lighter and brighter colours will be ordered more often, like Baby Blue and Butterscotch. And then in winter, with preparation for Christmas, Christmas Green, Gold, Silver and Red will be firm favourites.

C6 black envelopes is a colour that is increasing in popularity in recent times. It has now become a trendy tone to match against a themed greeting card. Black envelopes are ideal for delivering an elegant but mysterious tone. Black is very well matched to black-tie events, Halloween, or New Year’s Eve invitations. Contrasting Black with bright colours is also becoming a popular option.