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C7 Greeting Card Envelopes

Explore the selection of our C7 envelopes, expertly crafted with attention to detail. These envelopes perfectly cover your A7 greeting cards, personalised notes, and invitations. With precise measurements of 81 x 114 mm (3.2” x 4.5”), each envelope guarantees a snug fit, protecting the essence of your chosen greeting cards.

Planning for an upcoming event, be it a holiday greeting or a wedding? Or are you a business looking to launch a direct mail advertising campaign? Our C7 envelopes ensure that your message not only reaches but also connects. Each of our envelopes are a testament to the highest manufacturing standards in the United Kingdom. It is firm proof of our unwavering dedication to craftsmanship and unmatched quality.

Our colour palette for the C7 envelopes is diverse and precisely curated. From the classic shades of whites and creams to the bolder reds and the understated black, our selection caters to various preferences. We ensure the envelope’s hue further uplifts your sentiment sent through the greeting card.

Those businesses looking towards a global market will appreciate our colour selection of C7 envelopes. Analysing the global appeal and ensuring inclusivity, we’ve chosen colours that appeal to a wider range of potential customers.

Our recycled collection, made from 100% recycled paper and bound with eco-friendly glue, makes our C7 envelopes a perfect fit for every greeting card creation. Those businesses focusing on eco-friendly products can highlight this as a distinctive feature.

To instil confidence in the quality of our product, we provide free samples. Our product descriptions are detailed with competitive pricing, aiming to serve individual patrons and larger businesses. Our volume discounts present additional value for those considering larger orders.

At The Envelope People, the blend of quality, variety, and customer satisfaction assures that you will find the perfect C7 envelopes for your A7 greeting cards.