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Welcome our range of C5 envelopes. We offer a wide variety of popular colours, finishes and textures within our ever-expanding range. The current range includes a vast variety of colours, ranging from Poppin’ Red and Christmas Green to the more subtle tones of Lilac Shimmer.

Our C5 envelopes are designed perfectly to fit standard-size A5 card blanks or single sheets of A5 card. With measurements of 162mm x 229mm (6.4″ x 9″), these envelopes are one of the largest we offer. They are available in a variety of colours, textures, and weights, starting at just £0.04 each.

Looking for a coloured C5 envelope to match your business’s branding? We are sure to have the colour that will match your requirements. If you’re looking for an envelope with a wedding theme, our Pearl and Metallic finishes offer a real feel of quality.

Our recycled C5 envelopes are gaining rapid popularity among greeting card manufacturers and craft lovers. This collection, made of 100% recycled paper and eco-friendly glue, is ideal for any greeting card creation.

At The Envelope People, we are proud to support the British craft industry. All of our envelopes are manufactured in the UK and hold superb craftmanship. Our C5s are no exception. Each one of them is manufactured with precision right here in the United Kingdom.

Looking to purchase a single envelope or a thousand plus? We deliver our C5 envelopes in any quantity you require. Additionally, we’ve set our pricing discount structure to reward customers looking to purchase higher quantities. So, if you’re a business thinking of placing a bulk order or an individual aiming to recreate your favourite greeting card, we’ve got you covered.

Unsure about the colour or texture? Request a free sample of our C5 envelopes. It’s our way of letting you examine the product’s quality before purchasing.

We offer a range of highly affordable Cello Bags, which have peel-and-seal flaps that fit our C5 envelopes perfectly. Find Cello Bags to fit C5 Envelopes in our dedicated Cello Bag category on our website, along with other useful sizes, for added protection for your creations. 

At The Envelope People, our reputation for quality, customer satisfaction and variety, ensures you’ll find the perfect envelope for every occasion.