160mm Square Envelopes

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160 x 160 envelopes

Envelope sizes might seem like mere technicalities to some, but for the discerning few, it’s an art and science combined. It’s about having just the right amount of space to communicate, all the while doing so in style. Among the numerous envelope dimensions gracing the world of stationery, the 160mm square envelope is one that truly encapsulates this blend. We are thrilled to introduce our eclectic range of 160mm square envelopes, tailored for those who believe in making each correspondence memorable.

Diving Deep into 160mm Square Envelopes:

  • A Symphony of Colours – Our selection isn’t just vast; it’s a veritable rainbow. Each hue has been chosen to evoke a unique emotion. From the calm and nurturing touch of Avocado Green, the tender allure of Baby Pink, the sunny optimism of Banana Yellow, the refreshing zest of Caribbean Blue, the bold and striking allure of Pillar Box Red to the timeless sophistication of Black. Your letter isn’t just another piece of paper; it’s a statement. And with our colour range, you can ensure your envelope captures the essence of your message even before it’s opened.
  • Tailored Sealing Options – While the heart of a letter lies in its content, the soul resides in its seal. Whether you lean towards the classic charm of gummed seals or the quick and efficient peel and seal approach, our collection ensures you’re spoilt for choice.
  • Versatility at Its Best – The 160mm dimension, characterised by its perfectly squared design, is suitable for a myriad of occasions. From elegant wedding cards to bespoke corporate brochures, this envelope ensures your content shines, both in fit and flair.

Why Our 160mm Square Envelopes Stand Out:

  • A Statement of Elegance: The square contour offers a distinctive style that differentiates your correspondence from the ordinary, making it an instant standout.
  • Crafted to Perfection: Every envelope is a testament to premium craftsmanship, with durability that promises to encase your letters in sheer elegance.
  • Colours for Every Tone: Our exhaustive palette ensures that no matter the mood or occasion, there’s a hue that perfectly aligns with it, making your message all the more poignant.

Creative Inspirations for 160mm Square Envelopes:

  • Photo Holders: This dimension beautifully fits those candid snapshots, offering a unique way to share memories.
  • Crafty Creations: For the DIY enthusiast, these envelopes act as a blank canvas for handmade cards or special announcements.
  • Certificate Carriers: Protect and send those precious certificates or awards with the sturdy build of these envelopes.
  • Theme-centric Invitations: Organising an event? Choose a colour that encapsulates the theme, adding another layer of excitement to your invite.

Our 160mm square envelopes are more than mere stationery; they’re an experience waiting to be shared. Every colour, every seal option, meticulously curated, ensures that your content is enveloped in style and substance.

Embark on a journey with our 160mm square envelopes, where every piece harmonises form, function, and finesse. As you send out those personal notes, heartfelt invitations, or essential business correspondences, trust these envelopes to echo not just your words, but also your unparalleled taste.