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160mm Square Banana Yellow Peel & Seal Wallet Envelopes (120gsm)

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Introducing the vibrant 160mm Square Banana Yellow 120gsm Peel & Seal Wallet Envelopes. These envelopes come alive with a burst of sunshine, bringing a cheerful essence to your postal needs. Perfect for festive occasions, personal greetings, or any situation where a splash of joy is in order, their vivid hue ensures they stand out from the crowd.

Feature Highlights

  • 120gsm Quality Weight: Fabricated with a solid 120gsm paper weight, these envelopes boast a durable structure, providing a reliable canvas for your written or printed communications.
  • FSC Certified: With an FSC certification, these envelopes underscore a commitment to eco-friendliness and sustainable forestry, ensuring an eco-conscious choice for your mailing needs.
  • Peel & Seal Closure: The intuitive peel and seal mechanism guarantees a swift and sturdy closure, safeguarding your documents or letters within.
  • Powerseal Technology: Equipped with Powerseal technology, these envelopes promise a resilient seal, ensuring contents remain protected from external elements.
  • 5-Year Shelf Life: With a longevity of up to 5 years, these envelopes offer consistency in quality over time, enabling you to plan your mailing ventures without any concerns about envelope integrity.
  • Banana Yellow Colour: The lively banana yellow shade infuses an infectious energy and positivity, making each dispatch a bearer of happiness and optimism.
  • Measurements: Sized at 160mm by 160mm, these envelopes offer ample space for a variety of contents, from heartfelt letters to formal invites.

Step into a world of joyful communication with the 160mm Square Banana Yellow 120gsm Peel & Seal Wallet Envelopes. Whether it’s a birthday invitation, a congratulatory note, or a cheerful announcement, these envelopes promise to convey your messages with a radiant and unforgettable charm.

Additional information

Size (mm)

160 x 160

Size (cm)

16.0 x 16.0

Size (inches)

6.29 x 6.29

Material Weight




Envelope Size Name

160mm SQ


Peel & Seal

FSC Accredited


Shelf Life

5 years

Product Colour Variations
Please note; our commitment to sustainability may result in slight variations in colour shades with our products. Due to their nature, colours can vary slightly from batch to batch. The colours you see on screen can depend on your screen colour set up, and also certain computers that have light detection. We strongly suggest to request a sample from us, which is completely free. However, we offer a full 30 day money back guarantee on all of our standard stock products if you are not completely happy. You can find out more here.

Envelope Flap Variations
We take pride in using eco-friendly processes in the manufacture of our envelopes. Please be aware that some envelopes might have slight variations in flap design from the product photos. This is due to our continuous effort to reduce waste and use available resources responsibly. This doesn’t compromise their functionality or quality.

Peel & Seal Designs
Some of the designs on our peel & seal envelopes can vary. This relates to the branding printed on the inside of the envelope (if any) and also the branding on the peel & seal strip. This doesn’t compromise their functionality or quality.