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155×155 Envelopes

Welcome to our dedicated showcase of 155mm square envelopes – a premier collection where quality meets aesthetic brilliance. In today’s world of digital communication, the tactile sensation of holding a perfectly crafted envelope still holds immense value. Whether for personal correspondences, business communications, or special events, the 155mm square envelope offers a delightful blend of functionality and sophistication.

Discover the 155mm Square Envelope Collection:

  • Colour Me Impressed – With an exquisite palette available at your fingertips, our 155mm square envelopes offer you the freedom to communicate in style. Be it the fiery allure of Crimson Red, the regal shimmer of Empire Gold, the tranquil touch of Baby Blue, or the soothing embrace of Butterscotch – there’s a hue for every mood. And if you’re looking for something more striking, the earthy undertones of Gunpowder Grey, the zesty pop of Orange, the serene expanse of Sky Blue, and the deep mystique of Teal might just be your picks.
  • Seal of Choice – How do you like to seal your messages? Whether you’re a fan of the traditional gummed method that speaks volumes of the age-old charm or prefer the quick and secure method of peel and seal, we’ve got you covered. Whatever your preference, rest assured that your content is safe and elegantly ensconced within.
  • Tailored for Any Occasion – The versatile dimensions of the 155mm square envelope make it an impeccable choice for a plethora of occasions. From heartfelt wedding invites and milestone birthday cards to corporate brochures and exclusive event announcements, this size speaks volumes while ensuring your content fits perfectly.

Reasons to Choose 155mm Square Envelopes:

  • Perfect Dimensions: The square design offers a fresh perspective on traditional communication. It’s distinctive, modern, yet undeniably classic.
  • Quality at its Best: Crafted with precision, each envelope promises durability, ensuring your message remains intact through its journey.
  • A Colour for Every Theme: Whether you’re organising an event around a particular theme or seeking a colour that complements your brand identity, our expansive colour range ensures you find the perfect match.

Innovative Uses of 155mm Square Envelopes:

  • Portfolio Showcase: For artists and designers, these envelopes can be an unconventional way to present your portfolio samples.
  • Gift Pouches: Slide in gift cards, small tokens or personal notes, making your gifts even more special.
  • Document Holders: Safeguard crucial documents or certificates, ensuring they remain crease-free.
  • Craft Endeavours: Perfect for crafting projects, DIY enthusiasts can utilise these envelopes for scrapbooking, customised greetings, or themed projects.

When you choose our 155mm square envelopes, you’re not just picking a medium to convey your messages. You’re selecting a statement of style, a testament to the attention to detail, and an emblem of quality. Explore this curated collection and let every piece of communication you send out resonate with elegance, charm, and unmatched quality. Discover the world of 155mm square envelopes, where every colour tells a story and every seal secures a memory.