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DL Cream Wove Peel & Seal Window Wallet Envelopes (120gsm)

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For those who demand both aesthetic grace and functional precision in their mailing solutions, the DL Cream Wove Peel & Seal Window Wallet Envelopes offer an unparalleled choice. These envelopes are meticulously crafted from 120gsm paper, featuring a luxurious cream wove finish that imparts a tactile richness and a visually warm, inviting tone to your correspondence. This subtle and refined cream shade is ideal for a wide range of applications, from professional business letters to personal notes and special event invitations.

Incorporating a transparent window measuring 35mm x 90mm, thoughtfully positioned 19mm from the left and 18mm from the bottom, these envelopes enhance the efficiency of your mailing process. This window allows for the clear display of addresses or personalised information, ensuring accuracy in delivery while maintaining the sophisticated presentation of your mailings. The peel & seal closure mechanism provides a secure and effortless sealing process, safeguarding the contents within.

Sized at the standard DL dimensions of 110mm x 220mm, these envelopes are perfectly suited for traditional DL-sized documents, offering a professional and polished option for your communication needs without the necessity of folding.

Key Features:

  • Luxurious Cream Wove Finish: The cream wove texture of these envelopes lends an air of sophistication, elevating the perceived value of your correspondence with its timeless elegance.
  • High-Quality 120gsm Paper: Constructed with 120gsm paper, these envelopes offer both superior durability and a premium feel, ensuring that your communications are presented with distinction.
  • Strategically Placed Window: The clear window facilitates easy address visibility, enhancing both functionality and the aesthetic appeal of your mailings, positioned for optimal alignment and readability.
  • Secure Peel & Seal Closure: For added convenience and security, the peel & seal mechanism ensures a reliable seal, maintaining the integrity of your documents throughout their journey.
  • Standard DL Size for Versatility: Measuring 110mm by 220mm, these envelopes accommodate DL-sized documents perfectly, providing a sleek and professional presentation for a variety of mailing purposes.

Opt for the DL Cream Wove Peel & Seal Window Wallet Envelopes (120gsm) to convey your messages with a blend of precision, elegance, and efficiency. Their refined finish, practical window design, and superior construction make them an exceptional selection for businesses and individuals who prioritize communication with style and professionalism.

Additional information

Size (mm)

110 x 220

Size (cm)

11.0 x 22.0

Material Weight




Envelope Size Name

DL (110mm x 220mm)


Peel & Seal

Shelf Life

5 years

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