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DL+ Cocktail Blue Peel & Seal Wallet Envelopes (120gsm)

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Size: 114mm x 229mm

Infuse your mailings with a splash of vibrancy and a breath of freshness with our DL+ Cocktail Blue 120gsm Peel & Seal Wallet Envelopes. These envelopes are crafted to not only secure your documents but to present them in the most vibrant way possible, evoking a sense of joy and optimism with every delivery.

Feature Highlights

  • 120gsm Quality Weight: These envelopes are designed with a superior 120gsm paper quality, giving them a robust and premium feel, and ensuring the safety of the contents during transportation.
  • Peel & Seal Closure: Offering convenience at its best, the Peel & Seal feature ensures a secure closure without the need for additional adhesives, promising a hassle-free sealing experience.
  • Powerseal Technology: Employing Powerseal technology, these envelopes offer a sturdy and dependable seal, assuring the contents remain intact and secure through the rigours of mailing.
  • 5-Year Shelf Life: Enjoy the benefit of a long 5-year shelf life, which makes these envelopes a practical choice for bulk buying and future use, affirming readiness for all your mailing needs.
  • FSC Certified – Mix: By choosing these FSC certified envelopes, you endorse responsible forest management and eco-friendliness, aligning with a commitment to environmental sustainability.
  • Cocktail Blue Colour: The spirited cocktail blue hue is reminiscent of clear summer skies, adding a burst of freshness to your mailings; be it party invitations, celebratory notes, or corporate communications, the vibrant colour ensures they stand out in a pile of regular posts.
  • Optimal Dimensions: The internal dimensions of 114 x 229mm make these DL+ envelopes the ideal choice for various documents, presenting a neat and professional exterior for your mailings.

Experience the joy of mailing with the DL+ Cocktail Blue 120gsm Peel & Seal Wallet Envelopes, where quality meets aesthetics, offering a beautiful yet functional solution for all your postal needs.

Additional information

Size (mm)

114 x 229

Size (cm)

11.4 x 22.9

Size (inches)

4.49 x 9.02

Material Weight




Envelope Size Name

DL + (114mm x 229mm)


Peel & Seal

FSC Accredited


Shelf Life

5 years


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