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324mm x 230mm Metallic Matt Padded Envelopes C4 – Cotton Blue

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25 - 49 1.4981
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1,000 - 7,499 0.7956
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Step into the serene world of gentle breezes and open skies with our Metallic Matt Padded Envelopes, delicately shaded in Cotton Blue and expertly sized at C4. Ideal for those who adore the calming nuances of nature and wish to envelope their mailings in the soothing embrace of a cloud-kissed horizon, these envelopes promise both visual tranquillity and unmatched protective qualities.

Key Features:

  • Soft Matt Finish: Graced with an understated matt metallic texture, these bubble envelopes reflect the gentle hues of Cotton Blue, presenting a canvas of serene skies and boundless design possibilities for protective mailings.
  • Spacious Dimensions for Precious Parcels: Covering a calming expanse of 324mm x 230mm, these envelopes cater to those items that crave the soothing touch of nature’s palette. For precision, it’s essential to highlight that all our detailed dimensions are carefully internal, ensuring an ideal fit.
  • Soothing Design, Efficient Dispatch: With flaps conveniently poised in the open setting, these envelopes merge effortlessly with machine packing processes, bringing together the relaxing vibes of Cotton Blue with modern dispatch precision.
  • Seal with Peaceful Confidence: Bolstered by the dependable Peel & Seal system, these envelopes deliver a serene and fortified sealing journey, enclosing your esteemed contents with the calmness they deserve.
  • Robust Yet Airily Delicate: Designed to a meticulous material standard of 70 Mu, these envelopes balance enduring protection with the ethereal touch of a soft blue sky, ensuring every parcel is safeguarded with grace and peace.

Entrust your dispatches to the tender cradle of the open skies and let each envelope radiate with the peaceful charm of a clear day using our Metallic Matt Padded Envelopes in the dreamy shade of Cotton Blue, C4 size. A harmonious blend of nature’s serenity and contemporary design.

Additional information

Internal Size (mm)

324 x 230

Internal Size (cm)

32.4 x 23.0

Material Weight

70 Mu

Envelope Size Name

C4 (324mm x 230mm)


Peel & Seal

Pantone Coated

2905 C

Pantone Uncoated

2905 U


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