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A4 COSMOS Pearl 120gsm Double-Sided Paper – Gold White

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Introducing our A4 COSMOS Pearl 120gsm Double-Sided Paper in Gold White, a refined and versatile choice for your creative projects. Meticulously crafted, this double-sided paper features an enchanting pearlescent finish on both sides, adding a touch of elegance and brilliance to your designs.

Product Features:

  • Pearlescent Radiance: Our A4 COSMOS Pearl 120gsm Double-Sided Paper in Gold White exudes a captivating pearlescent finish on both sides. This shimmering effect adds a layer of luxury and radiance to your creations, making them truly exceptional.
  • Premium 120gsm Weight: Crafted from high-quality 120gsm paper, this double-sided paper balances durability and finesse. Its substantial weight provides a sturdy foundation for your creative endeavors, ensuring your projects stand out.
  • Gold White Elegance: The Gold White hue combines the timeless allure of gold with the pristine beauty of white, creating a versatile colour palette that suits various themes and occasions.
  • Double-Sided Brilliance: With its pearlescent finish on both sides, this paper offers versatility for your projects. Whether you’re crafting invitations, cards, or other designs, you have two stunning sides to explore.
  • Ideal for Creative Ventures: From intricate paper crafts to imaginative projects, our A4 COSMOS Pearl 120gsm Double-Sided Paper in Gold White adapts seamlessly to your creative visions, helping you achieve exquisite results.

Elevate your creative journey with our A4 COSMOS Pearl 120gsm Double-Sided Paper in Gold White. Its pearlescent allure, premium quality, and dual-sided elegance make it an exceptional choice for expressing your creativity in the most enchanting way. Choose our paper today and infuse your designs with luminous beauty and timeless sophistication.

Printing and Finishing
COSMOS Pearl is suitable with all major print and finishing processes including digital laser and litho printing, folding, scoring, embossing, foiling, screen printing and die / laser cutting.

Environmental credentials
We have always been conscious of our responsibility towards the conservation of nature and our impact on the environment. COSMOS Pearl is manufactured using ECF and FSC® certified paper using carefully selected water-based ingredients making it acid free, elemental chlorine free and recyclable.


Additional information


Gold White

Paper Size


Size (mm)

210 x 297

Size (cm)

21.0 x 29.7

Size (inches)

8.2 x 11.6

Double Sided








Acid Free


Elemental Chlorine Free



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