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Compostable – Cello Bags to Fit 130mm SQ Envelopes (Peel & Seal)

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Introducing our precision-engineered cello bags, an impeccable match for your 130mm SQ envelopes. Designed with an unwavering commitment to both product protection and sustainability, these bags embody the best of Nativia® film technology.

Highlighted Dimensions:

  • Tailor-Made for Perfection: These bags are dimensioned at 135mm x 130mm, ensuring a glove-like fit for your 130mm SQ envelopes. An additional 30mm peel and seal flap fortifies its structure, offering optimal protection and ease of use.

Eco Credentials:

  • Sourced from Nature: The foundation of Nativia® film lies in sustainable organic resources. The PLA bio-based resin, a pivotal component, is harvested from nature’s reservoirs—corn, sugar beet, and potatoes.
  • Energy Conservation in Production: Nativia® film showcases a remarkable energy efficiency in its production, casting a shadow on the carbon footprints of its oil-based counterparts like Polypropylene, Polythene, and PET.
  • Recycling Flexibility: This film stands out with its adaptability in recycling methods—industrial, mechanical, or chemical. Adhering to the EN13432 standards, it can also be safely incinerated.
  • Swift Biodegradation: Holding the prestigious OK BIOBASED certificate from Vincotte, the film ensures prompt decomposition. Under appropriate conditions, it transitions into basic elements: carbon dioxide, water, and biomass.
  • Recycling Directions: It’s crucial to remember that Nativia® films cannot mingle with other plastics during recycling. To ensure their eco-friendly disposal, integrate them with garden and food waste.

The Recyclable Cello Bags for 130mm SQ envelopes are a testament to precision and environmental stewardship. Safeguard your envelopes with these bags and make a resounding statement in favour of our planet with each use.

Additional information

Size (mm)

135 x 130

Size (cm)

13.5 x 13.0

Size to Fit

To fit 130mm SQ Envelopes

Lip Size





Peel & Seal






Nativia film

How to recycle

Food Waste




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