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324mm x 230mm Metallic Gloss Padded Envelopes C4 – Oil Black

£1.66 (Including VAT)

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5 - 24 1.6422
25 - 49 1.3685
50 - 99 1.1404
100 - 249 0.9504
250 - 499 0.8316
500 - 999 0.9266
1,000 - 7,499 0.7722
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Immerse your mailings in deep sophistication with our Metallic Gloss Padded Envelopes in the enthralling shade of Oil Black, expertly tailored at C4 size. Designed for those aiming to infuse an unparalleled WOW factor into their dispatches, these envelopes capture the essence of elegance and distinction.

Key Features:

  • Rich Reflective Finish: Cloaked in a luxurious laminated sheen, these padded bubble envelopes emanate a deep, intense Oil Black glow, ensuring your parcels command attention with their understated grandeur.
  • Generously Proportioned Dimensions: Measuring an expansive 324mm x 230mm, these envelopes accommodate items seeking roomier confines than the standard fare. Importantly, all the dimensions highlighted are internal, ensuring a precise fit for your contents.
  • Ready for Automated Processes: Constructed with flaps considerately in the open position, these envelopes seamlessly adapt to machine packing, harmoniously merging modern efficiency with classical style.
  • Seal with Unrivalled Assurance: Thanks to the trusty Peel & Seal system, sealing becomes a breeze, offering both speed and unshakeable security, ensuring your contents are ensconced safely.
  • Robust and Remarkably Lightweight: With a material benchmark set at 2 Mu, these envelopes marry durability with ease of handling, providing protection without the burden of weight.

Set your mailings apart, cloaking them in the mystique and allure of the night, with our Metallic Gloss Padded Envelopes in the evocative shade of Oil Black, C4 size!

Additional information

Internal Size (mm)

324 x 230

Internal Size (cm)

32.4 x 23.0

Material Weight

2 Mu

Envelope Size Name

C4 (324mm x 230mm)


Peel & Seal

Product Colour Variations
Please note; our commitment to sustainability may result in slight variations in colour shades with our products. Due to their nature, colours can vary slightly from batch to batch. The colours you see on screen can depend on your screen colour set up, and also certain computers that have light detection. We strongly suggest to request a sample from us, which is completely free. However, we offer a full 30 day money back guarantee on all of our standard stock products if you are not completely happy. You can find out more here.

Envelope Flap Variations
We take pride in using eco-friendly processes in the manufacture of our envelopes. Please be aware that some envelopes might have slight variations in flap design from the product photos. This is due to our continuous effort to reduce waste and use available resources responsibly. This doesn’t compromise their functionality or quality.

Peel & Seal Designs
Some of the designs on our peel & seal envelopes can vary. This relates to the branding printed on the inside of the envelope (if any) and also the branding on the peel & seal strip. This doesn’t compromise their functionality or quality.