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A4 Blossom Pink Lessebo Paper – 120gsm

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Introducing the A4 Blossom Pink Lessebo Paper, a testament to Lessebo Paper’s enduring commitment to combining exquisite design with sustainability. Originating from the heart of Sweden’s rich woodlands, Lessebo Paper has been synonymous with high-quality paper production since 1693. The Blossom Pink edition is a celebration of this heritage, offering a gentle, inviting hue that mirrors the tender grace of spring blossoms. Ideal for those who seek to convey softness and warmth in their communications or creative projects, this paper stands as a beacon of eco-conscious elegance.

Key Highlights:

  • Soft Blossom Pink Hue: The Blossom Pink Lessebo Paper presents a soft, warm pink shade that evokes the serene beauty of spring flowers. This delicate colour brings a touch of sophistication and warmth to your documents, making each piece of correspondence and every creative project feel personal and heartfelt.
  • Superior 120gsm Paper Quality: Crafted from 120gsm wood-free, totally chlorine-free (TCF) pulp, this acid-free and neutrally sized paper is built to last. It meets ISO 9706 standards for permanence, ensuring your creations and communications resist aging and retain their beauty and integrity over time.
  • Matte, Non-Reflective Surface: With its matte, non-reflective finish, the Blossom Pink Lessebo Paper provides an excellent foundation for both writing and high-quality printing. This finish enhances readability and ensures that the subtle beauty of the pink hue is showcased without glare.
  • Commitment to the Environment: True to Lessebo Paper’s eco-friendly ethos, this paper is fully biodegradable and recyclable. Produced using renewable biomass fuel, it epitomises sustainable manufacturing practices. Lessebo Paper prides itself on having some of the lowest CO2 emissions in the paper industry, emphasising a profound respect for our planet.
  • Optimised for Versatile Printing: Engineered for compatibility with both inkjet and laser printers, the Blossom Pink Lessebo Paper guarantees excellent print quality. Its surface is specially designed to ensure that ink adheres well, allowing for vivid colour reproduction and crisp, clear printing.

The A4 Blossom Pink Lessebo Paper – 120gsm is not just a choice of paper; it’s a commitment to blending aesthetic appeal with environmental responsibility. Whether for professional use, personal correspondence, or artistic expressions, this paper serves as a distinctive medium that supports both your creative visions and ecological principles.

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1.3 g/m2


A4 (210x297mm)




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