250mm x 180mm Metallic Matt Padded Envelopes C5 Plus – Oxford Blue

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Immerse yourself in the realm of timeless sophistication with our Metallic Matt Padded Envelopes in the classic shade of Oxford Blue, elegantly sized at C5 Plus. These envelopes resonate with those who value tradition and want to convey an aura of esteemed legacy in their mailings, offering both an impeccable aesthetic and the highest standard of protection.

Key Features:

  • Classic Matt Finish: Embellished with a refined matt metallic texture, these bubble envelopes radiate the deep, regal undertones of Oxford Blue, setting a distinguished backdrop for protective mailings with gravitas.
  • Measured with Precision: Covering a generous area of 250mm x 180mm, these envelopes are crafted for items that demand a touch of distinction and history. For clarity, it’s pivotal to state that all our outlined dimensions are meticulously internal for the perfect encapsulation.
  • Blending Legacy with Modernity: With flaps gracefully arranged in the open configuration, these envelopes are geared towards efficient machine packing, harmonising the age-old Oxford tradition with contemporary dispatch efficiency.
  • Seal with Distinction: Equipped with the reliable Peel & Seal mechanism, these envelopes promise a robust and effortless sealing process, encapsulating your revered items with an aura of dignity.
  • Durably Elegant: Crafted to a discerning material specification of 70 Mu, these envelopes balance unwavering protection with the subtle touch of an academic gown, ensuring your parcels are safeguarded with poise.

Convey a message of authority, tradition, and prestige with each dispatch using our Metallic Matt Padded Envelopes in the iconic shade of Oxford Blue, C5 Plus size. A seamless melding of historical elegance and modern-day functionality.

Additional information

Internal Size (mm)

250 x 180

Internal Size (cm)

25.0 x 18.0

Envelope Size Name

C5 Plus

Sealing Type

Peel & Seal

Material Weight

70 Mu

Flaps Open


Pantone Coated

2965 C

Pantone Uncoated

289 U

Product Colour Variations
Please note; our commitment to sustainability may result in slight variations in colour shades with our products. Due to their nature, colours can vary slightly from batch to batch. The colours you see on screen can depend on your screen colour set up, and also certain computers that have light detection. We strongly suggest to request a sample from us, which is completely free. However, we offer a full 30 day money back guarantee on all of our standard stock products if you are not completely happy. You can find out more here.

Envelope Flap Variations
We take pride in using eco-friendly processes in the manufacture of our envelopes. Please be aware that some envelopes might have slight variations in flap design from the product photos. This is due to our continuous effort to reduce waste and use available resources responsibly. This doesn’t compromise their functionality or quality.

Peel & Seal Designs
Some of the designs on our peel & seal envelopes can vary. This relates to the branding printed on the inside of the envelope (if any) and also the branding on the peel & seal strip. This doesn’t compromise their functionality or quality.